Friday, October 07, 2005



Well its been about 3 weeks since I came back to LA and I have spent the majority of the time reconnecting with families and getting my apartment cleaned out and organized before my new roommate came in to the area. I think that was a feet in itself...trying to figure out how I fit everything into half the space I normally did when I was living alone. It is amazing how one can spread themselves out when they are living alone. ;-)
A couple of highlights: weekly I have been prayer walking around the neighborhood. God has begun to show me some amazing things. Some of those things I plan to share next week. On Saturday, I invited one of my good friends and her kids over to my house. I made them Polish Sausage and SauerKraut. It is my favorite dish and I wanted to share it with them, blessing her in the same way she blesses me. She shares with me all types of food that is made in Guatemala. I spent the whole day cooking and in the end they really liked it!
I recently died my hair...Yeah. It is the first time I have done this in over 2 years. I colored the bottom half of my hair dark red brown and the top half of my hair Strawberry Blonde with streaks of the dark red brown (like highlights only they are called lowlights). It actually looks pretty good!
One sad thing that has happened is my Bearded Dragon, Matty, has been sick since I came home. He wasn't eating anything or having a bowel movement. I tried every home remedy I could find, but it didn't work. So I finally decided to take him into a vet and find out what was wrong. The doctor was able to give him a shot of vitamins to jump start his digestion and gave me food to feed him every day. I am proud to say that He is feeling a heck of a lot better and is having bowel movements. You should see him eat the "special" food....I mix it with water and feed it to him via a syringe. He just licks it with his tongue like a dog would go after ice cream... hehehehehe.