Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My last Couple of Weeks

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These last couple of weeks have been very interesting. I have spent some time getting to know my roommate, I have developed a new love for CSI:NY, visited some friends in my building, had some of the girls come and visit me, painted my apartment, have been reading many inspiring books and have spent a lot of time in thoughts about life and what it truly means to love others.
My roommate and I were sitting in our apartment a couple of weeks ago and realized just how ugly the walls were! So, we decided to brighten things up a bit. We painted the walls a pale yellow color and then the trim a little darker yellow. It ended up being a week process, but we can finally say that it is done!! And we feel so much happier in it. And for those who are in shock because you can't believe we painted the apartment....relax. It is actually allowed in my building, the owner doesn't mind.
I only watch TV once a week, mainly because we have to carry a TV down the hall to see anything, but...truly...watching TV is not my favorite pass time. I do, however, like criminal cases, so I have fallen in love with CSI, all 3 shows. But since, Wednesday Nights are really the only nights I have free, I only watch CSI:NY. It is really interesting.
The second week in October, one of Danny's friends got married. We went to celebrate the occasion in the San Gabriel area. The wedding was beautiful and the food was amazing. They had the wedding and reception outside in an old mission with beautiful architecture. The entire day was breathtaking.
At many different points in the day or week, we have youth that come to visit us. Our door is always open, and they can come to visit whenever they like. Sometimes, they come and merely play on my computer (not the internet), paint, or draw. And other times we bake, watch movies, or play games. We try to keep it low key, so that it is more not chalant. The kids feel more comfortable and it allows us to mentor the kids in a lot more personal-one on one way. And sometimes the kids just want a safe space to be when there is so many crazy things going on. There is one girl that loves to just come and be in the room. She thinks its so neat that I let her hang out even if I have something else going on. She just draws or types letters, sometimes to me, on my computer. I find it amazing how just being there can, sometimes, have more impact that doing some great event. It is the little day to day stuff that you do with them or let them do in your home that often means the most!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My Birthday Celebration on Saturday

My actual Birthday was the third day I celebrated my Birthday. I think this will be the most memorable Birthday of my life! In the morning, while still in my pajamas, Karina and the kids surprised me with a Birthday Balloon, cards, and a gift. It was really sweet. We talked had a lot of fun talking while the kids drew me pictures.

In the afternoon, some girlfriends of my from church and my neighborhood, and I all got together and celebrated by Birthday too. We ate at a place called "Ocha". It is a Thai food restaurant. At the end of our meal, they surprised me with some cake and sung to me. It was really special! The food was really good, however, at the end of our meal, we watched a Cockroach walk down the wall next to our table. We were completely grossed out. We quickly killed it. Upon showing the remenants of the roach to the waitress, her explanation for the problem was this: "When we mopp, Cockroaches walk...." I think all of our mouths hung open for a moment as we took that in....

In the evening, I went to Danny's, my boyfriend, house to celebrate with him my birthday. When I got there his sister, Jen, gave me a present. She knew, I loved fruit, so she bought me Mexican Fruit salad, with Chili and lime on it. It was so good! And it was so sweet of her to think of me. Danny and I went out for a walk around his area before going to the restaurant. The weather was so nice out. The restaurant we at was called "Claim Jumpers". I had Chicken with a mushroom sauce on it. I think it was one of the best meals, I had had in a while! When we got back, his mom brought me into the kitchen where she had a cake with candles for me to blow out. She even gave me a card. Danny and her sang Happy Birthday to me.
To end the night, Danny and I watched Le Miserables. It was a perfect end to a perfect 3 days of celebration!

Thank you everyone for making my Birthday, so special!!

Miriam, Jessica, Me, Lisa, and Becky celebrating at "Ocha" (Thai Food) Posted by Hello

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Birthday Celebration on Friday!

Friday was the second day of Birthday parties, I got to experience. The first was on Thurday. My InnerCHANGE team took me out for dinner at "La Fondita", a Mexican restaurant in my area. I got to eat Carne Asada. one of my favorites!!!!
On Friday, though, my roomate and I brought a cake over to, my friend, Karina's house. Her husband Daniel, her kids:Danny, Becky, and Ingried, Jose: one of the boys in the neighborhood, Pechita, Carmela and her Daughter Cynthia all came to celebrate with me. It was a fun evening. We laughed, watched some of Lethal Weapon 4, danced, and ate cake. My roomate even had stories read to her by Becky.

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