Friday, January 28, 2005

A Week of Festivities!

This week...I have spent most of it cleaning and organizing my apartment. John had a Yard Sale last weekend, so until then-the majority of the stuff we were selling, was in my apartment. So, this week was the week to get everything in order since I now had the space to do it. After work on Monday...a girlfriend of mine came over. It was such a blessing. She works with an after school program in Watts. So the two of us are a great support for each other. On Wednesday, however, I was sent by InnerCHANGE to San Francisco. It is always a joy to see the team that is up there.
My team wanted me to go up there to see how San Francisco did their Urban Plunge Day and hopefully get ideas for our Urban Plunge Day. What is Urban Plunge Day you ask? It is day for people who are interested in learning more about InnerCHANGE to come see what we do. We take them around to varies areas of our community and give them a little taste of what we are all about! It is a rather neat experience. Ours is March 17th!
This plans are to celebrate some Birthdays, help a friend of mine from the neighborhood paint her kitchen, and go to a wedding shower for one of them men in InnerCHANGE and his future wife.


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