Wednesday, March 23, 2005

To Love......

What is LOVE if it can easily be given?

But what is TRUE LOVE...only that we care for those who care for us?

Or is it more?

Does it call us to give what we don't have?

...or do we find that what we are giving is imparted by Christ and Christ alone?
Our call is to give what we never had knowing that God is supplying....

To LOVE: is to see each moment as a gift and a moment to be lived for the Ultimate Love of our lives.

To LOVE means to see others in their brokenness a part from our own. And knowing respond to another with words that bring one more bit of healing to their brokenness. It means to weep when you see the pain of another and it means allowing those who could hurt you into your life. It means to see God's heart. And to feel the pain He feels when one is lost or turned from Him. To love is the most powerful gift I have ever known. It has the ability to change hearts. It can move mountains. And it empowers the "Fools of this World" to shame the Wise.

I have heard it said that it is fact and manly wisdom that brings success. But, I have found LOVE is far greater. It is knowledge that makes Man smarter and wiser, but it is love that penetrates the soul. And it is our soul that tells our mind how we are to use our knowledge...


Divine...Divine...How can it be?
That your LOVE can Penetrate Me
Broken, Bruised and Lame, I come
Feeling as if nothing can be done.
Your Love O'God empower my soul
And Changes me...So that I can be whole.


Blogger John said...

We only give out of what we have recieved... and it all comes first to us as gift... "freely you have recieved, freely give..." is an invitation to enter into the stream of life... and let it flow through us...

Thanks for blogging ; )

4:05 PM  

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