Monday, April 18, 2005

Oh How the Time Flies

Hello to all my friends and family! I'm sorry I haven't been able to update you for quite some time. It been at least a couple of months......
Some major highlights have been:
On March 17, 2005: I led the Los Angeles InnerCHANGE's Urban Plunge Day. Its one of those days where others from outside the community and are interested in learning more about our community and about what we do as a ministry in Westlake/Pico Union Neighborhood. So basically I was in charge of planning, creating, and carrying out this special day for our guests! I for one really enjoyed it and it confirmed for me what I really want to be doing...and that is...working in my community for my community. Which leads me to the second highlight of the last few months.
At the beginning of April, I put in my 3 month resignation in at my receptionist position. My last day will be July 8, 2005. And I will be support raising so as to work full-time in Westlake/Pico Union Neighborhood through InnerCHANGE. I am considered a "Missionary-in-training" through the organization. This is something that I am very excited about and something that I really feel God is asking me to do. So please pray that the transition goes well.
A couple of weekends ago Jarod, an intern from last summer and good friend of mine, came out here to visit. He came out to see the InnerCHANGE team and hang out in the warm weather.... Miriam, Jessika, Jarod, some of Miriam and Jessika's friends and I went to a Middle Eastern restuarant and drank Turkish coffee. Which might I really good. Drinking it brought me back in when I was in Israel! Oh the Memories! On Sunday morning, Jarod and I went biking on the coast. There is a bike path that stretches through all the beaches in the area. It was really beautiful, but I think we had to get off our bikes more than we were able to ride them because the sand poured over on to the bike path! was a wonderful day anyways.

And one of the last major things that happened is.... I got another pet! Yeah, I know what your thinking...where is she going to put another animal! But relax....its a Bearded Dragon just like Jake. And I am calling her Madeline (Matty for short) And its the cutest thing ever. My ex-boyfriend, Danny, found Matty in his backyard. Apparently Matty had been lost..Danny tried to find out who the owners were, but when they couldn't find them, he called me up and asked me if Jake wanted a companion? After much thought (5 secs) I said yes! So he brought Matty over on Sunday before Church. And an even better blessing... Danny was able to get me one of his older cages, so that I could fit them both into one cage.

It fun to watch them. The two of them sit in the cage staring at each other alot which is kinda funny. Matty tries to engage Jake, but Jake just stares at her! I think its kinda cute. Jake knows he rules the coop, but He is being very gentle with Matty. At least I think he is....atleast I am praying that when I get home no limbs are missing from the two of them.;-) But generally they like each other.
It is a little sad though.....when Danny found Matty, she had been through alot. She was dehydrated and without food. And to top it off, she has one hand missing and a few fingers are gone too. Poor little thing...she is defiantely a survivor.....
And I think the thing that amazes me is that she engaged Jake first not the other way around! So all in all...she is my kinda girl!! She doesn't let life get her down! Or circumstances for that matter! ;-)


Blogger Jarod Olds said...


I really had a wonderful time as well when I came out for the weekend going to the restaurant and having some really strong Turkish coffee and riding bikes in the morning. Skipping church was kinda fun, and you are so right when you talk about the sand messing up our riding all the time!

Thanks again, friend. I need to blog more, and I lost your link until I see it now on John's page, so I will add it again to my page...

Peace and Love,

7:04 PM  

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